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Immigrant ship display to feature at Indian Arrival celebrations

The representation of the Whitby at the National Stadium

A 120-foot depiction of the Whitby, one of the ships, which brought the first set of East Indians to Guyana under the system of indentureship, has been completed as the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha plans a mega event at the Guyana National Stadium.
The display was put together by Andrew Arts and features pictures of two of the earliest indentured workers who came to what was then British Guiana in pursuit of a better life, but found instead a system akin to slavery.

Along with the representation of the Whitby, the Sabha plans to build several “logies” and will attempt to recreate an actual feel of what it was like for the East Indian immigrants to live in them.
The Sabha’s celebrations are planned for Saturday and Sunday. The event is being held to observe the 171st anniversary of Indian immigration to Guyana.

Among the other highlights of the event will be the creation of a Hindu temple, complete with numerous “Murties representative of the various Hindu deities.”
The Jairam Little India Store will present a depiction of a Hindu wedding.
The theme for the Sabha’s arrival celebrations is “See it, Experience it, Live it.” Patrons will be treated to lavish and unique displays and performances both in the stadium itself and in the parking lot.

In the stadium proper, set against a breathtaking backdrop, there will be an elaborate stage programme featuring a variety of dances by the Dharmic Nritya Sangh and West Berbice Praant, songs and music by an extensive list of Guyana’s best artistes, traditional singing and drumming, fashion display and highlights from the recently held Ramlila production.
There will be different programmes each day. In addition, persons will get an opportunity to enjoy short dramatic presentations in an outdoor theatre, shop or sightsee in the various streets or galis created especially for the occasion.

Patrons will also be able to sample a vast array of mouthwatering delicacies, whether it is the ever-popular seven curry or sada roti and baigan or coconut chokha, hot potato balls, pakoras and samosas or richly sweet jalebis, peras and gulab jamuns.
There will also be games for the children, mehendi stalls, face painting, big screen entertainment and much more. Admission to the event is $300.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009