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Embattled housewife must contend with hostile ex-husband

Trials and tribulations can sometimes take their toll, forcing people to seek assistance from illegal or irregular sources to resolve problems.

Woman attempts suicide to avoid beatings

A 34-year-old house wife recently recounted a story of abuse and frustration. Just recently, Chandrawattie Seetaram of 40 Best Village, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara, relocated from East Coast Demerara to what is left of her home in a desperate attempt to save it from vandals.

Chandrawattie Seetaram

Three years ago, Chandrawattie ran from the home because she was receiving death threats, being stalked, and traumatised by an irate ex-husband who, she claimed, sexually molested one of her female relatives and was still on the loose.
She claimed that at that time while the matter was before the court, the man threatened and assaulted her on more than one occasion, thus, forcing her to relocate in her bid for safety.
According to the emotional woman, her ex-husband caused her to be hospitalised in an unconscious state at a city hospital for a week.
Thieves were more than happy with her decision to move to the East Coast, since soon after, they began to remove windows from the home and other items. Over time, they have removed the walls of both bedrooms and have recently began to remove concrete blocks from  the rear of the house. The woman is of the belief that the vandals are associated to her tormentor, since they have hung sheets from the roof of the home and have left threatening written messages.
The thieves almost cleaned the home of household utensils and even removed a baby flask filled with hot water. Wooden materials for renovations were also stolen from the home on repeated occasions.
The woman said that the area in which she resides is extremely bushy, creating the perfect haven for thieves who wait for residents to leave their premises.
Though the case against her ex-husband has been concluded in the courts and the man remains free, Chandrawattie is very afraid for her life. She said that though she resides in the home with a male partner, the two are no match for her ex-husband, who attacks her verbally and even attempts to get physical on almost every occasion they meet.
The woman said the man would regularly get drunk and would turn up at the home to torment them. She said she had given up going to the police, since they do not visit her home when she makes the reports.
Chandrawattie explained that it was her ex-husband who was accused of raping her niece. She noted that since the case was dismissed, the police no longer seem to take interest in her reports. This, she claimed, was because her ex-husband always manages to run to the police station ahead of her, and knows just how to make her look like she is ‘out of her mind’.

Chandrawattie’s home that was ransacked at intervals when the vandals struck.

As if her misfortunes are not enough, a cow tied on an access dam recently butted the woman, throwing her into a nearby trench where she remained ‘stuck tight’ in the mud, until a man witnessing the incident ran to her rescue.
She sustained abrasions and a deep gash to the right hand as a result of the incident.
This cow, according to the woman, belongs to a male resident of Crane Housing Scheme. She said the cow would attack villagers who traverse the area and complaints to the owner have fallen on deaf ears.

Sunday, June 07, 2009