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Parliament Building

                               by Hilary De cambra

This two-storied structure, with its Romanesque facade of arches and columns along an open hallway at the front of the building, presents an image of imperial majesty suitedto its purpose. A part of it temporarily housed British Guiana's first Governor, Sir Benjamin Daurban. The solid fortresslike structure, with its east and west wings extending  like outstretched arms well beyond its frontage, hugs a semi-circular driveway.

The three arched entrances, held together by a square concrete elevation in the centre
of it’s northern face, rise to a second floor balcony above, which is covered by a walled
flat roof. Its grandiose facade, topped off by a centrally placed domed tower is classic 19th-
century Renaissance architecture. With its silvery painted roof reflecting the sun's rays,
the tower resembles a jewelled ornament. It is said that the dome once housed British Guiana's
archival records.

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