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Mahdia man accused of having sex with a calf

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mahdia is a mining community known for the ladies of the night, alcohol and, of course, gold and diamonds. The ladies of the night are always available for a fee, even if the interested partner requires credit.


However, some men may find even this beyond their reach.

Dellon Gomes, 26, also known as “Kabalou”, may be innocent until proven guilty, but he is accused of being one of the men who may have taken a course of action that could cause people to accuse him of being one who prefers company other than that of the ladies of the night.

Yesterday, he appeared before acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson to face the charge of having intercourse with a calf in public.

On February 10 last, at 111-Miles, Potaro Airstrip, the accused was caught in the act of sexual intercourse with the beast. He pleaded not guilty.

According to the prosecution, the accused was seen at the airstrip with his pants down, having intercourse with the beast, which was tied to a tree.
He was refused bail, and the matter has been transferred to the Mahdia Magistrate’s Court for April 22 next.