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Triumph man found dead with throat slit

A Triumph resident was yesterday found in his home with his throat slit and his relatives believe that he might have committed suicide.

However, no one could come up with a reason as to why the man might have decided to end his life.

Dead is Gharbharan Lall called `Motie’, a 31-year-old carpenter of Lot 61 National Walk, Triumph, East Coast Demerara.

Lall was discovered around 9.30 am by his brother Jaggenauth. Still in shock, Jaggenauth told Stabroek News that when he arrived at the home he called out to his brother but got no response. Jaggenauth said a window on the bottom flat of the house was closed but the door was wide open.

“De place was dark. When I look I see he with a black thing by his mouth and I thought he drink poison.” He said he panicked and ran outside where he began hollering. He said when he first saw his brother he did not notice that his throat was slit.

Stabroek News was told that none of Gharbharan’s neighbours reported hearing or seeing anything strange at the house before the discovery was made.

When his body was found the bloody knife was lying nearby and the house was in order.

The man’s reputed wife Yasmin Alli said that around 7 am her husband followed her out to the public road. “He left me standing on the road to wait for a bus and he went back home.”

The distraught woman said her husband had no problem that she knew of. She said she received the dreadful news from a friend who telephoned her at her workplace.

According to Alli, she later went to the Beterverwagting Police Station where a statement was taken from her.

The man’s relatives told this newspaper that Gharbharan had made no attempts on his life before but they believe that yesterday he drank poison then cut his own throat.

Several friends who went to the man’s home yesterday expressed shock at the incident and were questioning what could have sparked such a tragedy.

The dead man’s mother, Chandrawati Lall could not control her emotions while this newspaper was there.

Gharbharan leaves behind his reputed wife, mother and four siblings.