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Wobbling Titan causes three vehicle smash-up on Sheriff Street


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Three people– a local squash player and two drivers –and a seven-month-old baby, are nursing various injuries to their heads and body following a three-vehicle collision at the corner of Sheriff and Bonasika Streets Section K, Campbellville.

Two of the three vehicles that were involved in the smash-up

Residents report that about 15: 40hrs yesterday, they heard several loud collisions and upon investigating, they saw a bleeding man climbing out of a grey Toyota Carina PLL 6474 carrying a baby with bloodied clothing. Both were whisked away for medical attention.
The car was nose down in the eastern drain on Sheriff Street propped up a grey Grand Vitara PKK 2513.
The air bags on the passenger and driver’s sides had exploded injuring driver Salogeney Fung-a-Fat and Mary, her 14-year-old daughter.
Parked north of the car and Grand Vitara was a silver grey Titan V8, GLL 2275, with its left side smashed in. Residents said that they saw a young man with blood running down his face emerging from that vehicle. He was sent to seek medical attention by the investigating rank at the scene.
When Kaieteur News arrived on the scene the car driver and the baby could not be located but Salogeney Fung-a-Fat, the Grand Vitara driver, recounting events said she was heading south on Sheriff Street when she saw the wobbling Titan heading north. Before she knew it, the vehicle slammed head on into hers and the airbags exploded.
“He looked as though he was drunk,” the shaken woman recalled.
Witnesses said the swift moving Titan overtook a car and slammed head on into the Vitara. It then proceeded to hit the other car.
“I thought somebody dead with the impact but thank God for airbags, one resident a few houses away said. The location is accident prone, she added.
Kaieteur News was on the scene when the police sent the driver of the Titan, who appeared to be in his early 20s, to seek medical attention. He bore an abrasion to his forehead and had no comment on what happened.
Another man arrived on the scene shortly after the accident and claimed that he was the driver of the Titan and not the injured man who exited the vehicle. But several witnesses refuted this. The confessed driver was whisked away in a police car along with another man.
At the Georgetown Public Hospital there was no record of a baby or any accident victim reporting there for treatment.
Up to press time there was no word on the fate of the baby.


Friday, June 05, 2009