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Murder of Corentyne businessman… Killers grabbed millions


-three suspects held

Dead: Fazal Hoosein

Police at Springlands have detained three men for the murder of businessman Fazal Hoosein, who was abducted, slain and dumped in the Corentyne River on Wednesday.
It is suspected that they are a part of the gang of five masked gunmen, who snatched Hoosein from a boat that was returning from Suriname.

Kaieteur News understands that police in Suriname have also detained a boat captain, but it is unclear whether they believe he manned the boat the gunmen used.
Pointing to robbery as the primary motive, sources close to the slain man said that the gunmen made off with a bag containing millions of dollars that Hoosein was carrying at the time.

However, some say that the man had no bag. Instead, he reportedly had the money strapped to his person.
Kaieteur News was told that the businessman traveled regularly to Suriname to sell gold.
There is speculation that the killers had Hoosein under surveillance in Suriname, while he was conducting one such transaction, and trailed him even as he was heading home.
Hoosein’s relatives have declined to speculate on a motive for the killing.
A police official confirmed that investigators from Suriname visited Guyana yesterday to discuss the case with their Guyanese counterparts. They have since departed.
According to reports, Hoosein and nine other passengers were returning from Suriname at around 17:45 hrs on Wednesday, when five masked men, bearing high-powered rifles and handguns, approached them in another boat.

The gunmen reportedly fired four rounds in the air, ordered the passengers to lie flat in their vessel and relieved them of their mobile phones.
They then forced Hoosein to accompany them in their vessel.
Hoosein’s bound body was found the following day about four miles east of the Number 78 foreshore, which is also a short distance from the Suriname foreshore.
A relative said that the corpse was entangled in a seine and that Hoosein’s hands and legs were bound. There were also marks of violence on his upper body.
An autopsy is likely to be conducted on the victim today.

Saturday, June 06, 2009