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Kidnapped taxi driver found dead

DEAD: Deonarine Sukhdeo

- two suspects held


The search for kidnapped driver Deonarine Sukhdeo ended at around 17:00hrs yesterday after his body was found off the Soesdyke/Linden highway.

Police sources said that Sukhdeo's corpse, bearing several stab wounds to the neck, was found in a clump of bushes near Madewini Creek.

His car, a Toyota Ceres, was found about two miles away.

Kaieteur News understands that the gruesome find was made after detectives, acting on information, arrested a suspect who then led them to Sukhdeo's body. A second man was subsequently arrested.

Sukhdeo's body and the vehicle were brought to the city at around 23:45 hrs last night.

Sukhdeo, 22, also called Vishan, was kidnapped last week Wednesday, reportedly while carrying passengers to Kuru Kuru.

The kidnappers contacted Sukhdeo's relatives by telephone the next day and demanded $500,000 for his release. His father, Satnarine Sukhdeo, said that he was instructed to take the money to a location in Diamond New Scheme where he would see a lamp post with a white cloth attached. He was told to leave the ransom there.

Warning him not to contact the police, the caller further instructed that, after placing the money, Sukhdeo should walk a little further to another lamp post with another white cloth attached and there he would see his son.

However, this information was relayed to the police anti-kidnapping unit and they have since taken over the handling of the matter.

After he failed to go through with the deal the kidnappers informed him that the deal was off.

His father said that he was told that persons had hired his son to go to Kuru Kuru. Police subsequently received reports from a woman who claimed to have seen Vishan in his car in the company of two men at Kuru Kuru.

She said that Vishan did not appear to be worried.

The vehicle had been stuck in sand and the woman said that she used her vehicle to pull the car out.


 Wednesday 04-26-2006