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Bandits shoot Peterís Hall businessman

- victim critical

Bandits shot a 48-year-old businessman in the abdomen last evening in Peterís Hall, before fleeing with an undisclosed amount of money from the victimís grocery store.

Deewan Roshan, of Clarke Street Peterís Hall, was attacked by three men while tending to his store.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Roshan reportedly had his licensed firearm at the time of the robbery, but was unable to get off a single shot.


Critical businessman: Deewan Roshan

According to reports, a single gunshot was heard coming from Roshanís store and three men in dark clothing were seen running from the premises.
A neighbour who was at the hospital, told Kaieteur News that around 6:30pm, they heard a single gunshot.
The neighbour further stated that the three men were seen fighting with Roshanís elderly mother.
Another neighbour said that after hearing the gunshot, they waited until the bandits were gone.
ďAfter I see them gone, I rush over to see what happen to Roshan.Ē
She further explained that it took some time for them to open the front, since Roshan had already closed his business. However, she added that it is customary for Roshan to leave the side door open until he was ready to go to bed.
The woman said that after she and another neighbour gained entry to the house, they found Roshan lying in a pool of blood.
She said that the neighbours enquired from Roshan what had happened, and he responded that he was shot by bandits who carted off his daily takings.

The woman said that Roshan told her that after the bandits demanded money, he threw a bread stand on them.
The neighbours then rushed him to the hospital where his condition up to press time was said to be critical.

Sunday, June 14, 2009