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Magistrate Yohhahnseh Cave  had accused the DPP of telephoning him to seek to have him reconvene the Preliminary Inquiry to facilitate the testimony of the Minister’s brother Omprakash Sawh, after he had adjourned the matter to a date which was not convenient to the witness.

Friday, March 6, 2009























































































































































































US-based Guyanese frustrated by constant court adjournments

A US-based Guyanese woman has expressed frustration with the local judicial system in light of the constant adjournment of a matter in the Land Court.
Chitranie Toledo told this newspaper that she has been traveling to and from Guyana for the past two years to settle a land dispute and to date the case is nowhere near its completion.
Toledo had taken her brother to court over 13.5 acres of land at Helena Number Two, Mahaica that was left by her dead father for the family.
She claims that she had visited Guyana almost every month last year to keep the court dates set by the judge.
The problem stems from the non-appearance of her brother’s attorney who for various reasons is ‘always out of the jurisdiction’.
“If my brother’s lawyer showed up ten times, he showed up a lot,” Toledo told this newspaper.
She said that her attorney, Gary Ramlochan, has been showing up at every court hearing.
According to Toledo, the matter was called twice so far for this year and on those occasions she had a relative who acts as her power of attorney attend.
Now that she is able to be in Guyana for the next scheduled court date later this week, she is fearful that the matter will be adjourned again. She said that she was informed that her brother’s attorney is out of the country again for medical reasons.
She believes that if for some reason her brother’s lawyer cannot attend court, he should appoint somebody to act on his behalf.
“Whenever I’m here, he’s not here and when I leave to go back the US, he appears. Something is definitely wrong with the system here.”
“This would never happen in the United States. There is no case there like this one that will sit so long in the courts there,” Toledo added.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009