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Colin Mack rape PI… Evidence vanishes


The preliminary inquiry in the Colin Mack rape trial took an unusual twist yesterday after a female Lance Corporal who was testifying, revealed that evidence had vanished from a sealed police package.


Colin Mack

The witness stated that she could not account for the whereabouts of the victim’s underwear which was allegedly placed into the package before it was sealed a month ago.
The revelation was made after Mack, who is presently on remand, made another court appearance before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson.
The article was only discovered missing after the corporal who was giving evidence was required to tender the exhibits for the preliminary inquiry.
As the Lance Corporal opened the package she looked at the articles in the package and handed it to the court’s orderly. As the package was handed to Defence Counsel Glenn Hanoman, he enquired about the victim’s underwear which was supposed to be in the package.
However as the package was handed back to the witness she could not give an account for the missing underwear.
When asked by Police Prosecutor Denise Griffith, about the whereabouts of the article, the Lance Corporal stated that she did not know.
“I sealed the package with the items and this is the first time that the package is being opened since the day of the crime,” she stated.
The magistrate then told the witness that she needed to explain herself thoroughly because she has to take notes for the matter.
The prosecutor said that the evidence in which the virtual complainant and the doctor who examined gave is that all the articles which were collected from the VC were given to the police rank.
Defence Counsel interjected and asked for notes to be taken, stating that the prosecution could not give a full account for the underwear. He said that the underwear is a very important aspect of his client’s case.
At this point the lawyer made a bail application, however it was denied by the magistrate. The lawyer stated that since bail would not be given he would not be making anymore submissions, nor would he be addressing the court.
Mack is expected to make another court appearance tomorrow.
The embattled promoter has been on remand since April. The victim, her mother, a taxi driver and a Superintendent of Police have all given evidence in the matter.  Mack is accused of raping the 19-year-old on April 12 at his Festival City Home.

Thursday, May 21, 2009