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Chinese restaurant owner found dead in bathroom


Undertakers removing the body of  the restaurant proprietor

Undertakers removing the body of the restaurant proprietor

For two days the proprietor of a Chinese restaurant on America Street did not open for business.
His employees had turned up for work and despite desperate attempts to contact him they were forced to wait while the premises remained tightly shut. Early yesterday morning they became suspicious and called the Guyana Fire Service, whose ranks subsequently broke into the Golden Restaurant and made a shocking discovery.
The body of the restaurant proprietor, who was identified as Chow, 38, was lying motionless in the toilet area. It appeared as if he had been dead for almost two days, since decomposition was starting to step in.
Although what appeared to be blood flowed from the dead manís nostrils, investigators have almost ruled out foul play.
There was no sign of forced entry into the building and according to reports; some cash was recovered from the dead manís pocket.
ďI come fuh wuk yesterday (Tuesday) and he didnít open. I call he phone and it ring out,Ē said one of the restaurantís waitresses.
She said that she last saw Chow on Monday, because she worked up to Monday night. Other persons confirmed that Chow had personally closed his business for the day on Monday night.
Kaieteur News understands that the Chinese national had been operating the America Street restaurant for the past seven years.
His wife, who runs another restaurant in another part of the city, said that she spoke to him some time over the weekend. Several vendors in the Stabroek area who were familiar with the restaurant proprietor described him as a quiet and jovial person. They too expressed shock at the way he met his end. A post mortem examination will be performed on his body on Friday.

Friday, June 26, 2009