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Essequibo 's oldest man dies


Centenarian Gajadhar, called ‘Gaja,' who was reported as the oldest man in Essequibo and possibly the entire Guyana, died yesterday at the age of 109 at his Anna Regina residence.

Gajadhar was born in India in 1897 and traveled to British Guiana with his mother when he was 14 years old.

He worked as an indentured labourer on a number of sugar estates throughout the country.

When his mother died, Gajadhar was 42-years old and he married a woman named Poonch, who died 13 years ago.

The marriage bore one daughter, who resides in England. Gajadhar, who died around 17:30hrs on Monday, normally cooked for himself and was very active up to the time he became fatally ill.

On Monday, he complained of feeling unwell and was taken to the Suddie Hospital by relatives.

He was treated and sent home but died hours later.

The centenarian's funeral will be finalised when his daughter arrives from the UK.

Essequibo, which is considered the Cinderella county of Guyana, could also be considered the county of long life.

Late last year, Ronald Tang, called Uncle Ronnie of Charity, passed on at the age of 100 years while Budhai, also known as uncle Budhai, of Lima died at 99 years old.

Wednesday February 22, 2006