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Ramphal and Mohammed Shahabudeen laid the foundation for the Burnham dictatorship - the beginning of the destruction of Guyana from which we have never recovered. They have both feathered their nests and left us with the problems they engineered.

HASEEB RAMJOHN     Tuesday, July 08, 2003     Guyana Chronicle































Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003

Subject: RE: An email received on Shridath Ramphal

Ramphal I refuse to call him SIR was the instrument who closed off the liberties of Indians. He was not used, he was a member of the team. I know him personally and I am very much aware of his family make up. David Singh, Sonny Ramphal, Sasenarine Singh, Pandit, D. Sharma, Cammie Rramsaroop were the bastards who languished in luxury at the expense of their fellow Indians. When the African delegation was in Guyana and that African President wanted to have Dolly Baksh, where were these guys? They were right there. They were involved in arranging for her to be taken to his room where she was brutally raped and eventually killed.

  Walk in their shoe! No decent human being would want to ever do that. That shoe is full of blood from the Indian girls who were raped and butchered at the famous encampments established in the forest.

Ram Singh