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From: Narvan 

Subject: Re: Re: PPP submission to Disciplined Forces Commission



Indians in Guyana have had a history of being fearful, to put it mildly, of the disciplined forces. The massacres of the 60's, the brutality of the 70's, the depression of the 80's, the violence of 90s, the desperation of the new millennium, the pressure from Ravi Dev & Roar, Rhyaan Shah & GIHA from 1988 to present. This is what it came down to? A Commission of Enquiry into the Disciplined Forces! 

The PPP had a majority in parliament since 1992! The most fundamental problem faced then and to this day has been Indians insecurity. Was the population of Indians or the entire country too much to manage? Did they have to wait until a few more hundreds are dead, a similar number of women raped, thousands brutalized, and hundreds of thousands migrated, to do something. Why did it have to come down to this? Is this the way we are being taught to deal with our most serious problems and issues? Are we ready to forget out history? Are we not prepared to learn from our experiences?

This was an issue the PPP never had on its mandate. It took pressure from others, ironically despite this being a party supported by Indians. What a history? If Indians are to excuse this party (PPP) for its uselessness, a party that has supported the decimation of an entire ethnic group, worse yet its own supporters, how dare we can ourselves Indians? We blame the PNC about destroying Indians and correctly so, but let us do some introspection, they were not alone!

One can conveniently miss ROAR's or GIHA's submissions. Since it has been rather striking to see that the PPP has finally been forced actually do something. This would have caught the attention of anyone. It seems idiotic that a government can set up a commission, make submissions, await its findings and recommendations, then possibly again dump the report, when it can simply table a bill in parliament which it has control over. Exponential madness!

The common enemy has been identified clearly, PPP and PNC are common and are enemies. They have now formed a renewed collation. They work hand in hand on every issue. Bon voyage Indians!